At first locksmith and wrought-iron craftsman, serge Sangan liked working on metal. At the same time, fascinated by sculpture, he began carving wood and stone. However, these traditional techniques restricted his creative mind. So he combined metal work and sculpture and he perfected his technique of arc modelling which gives him some freedom in volume and creation, and he has worked this way for nearly twenty years.

He has already got international customers . He has taken place in several exhibitions such as the Fair of the Beaux Arts National Society in Paris, the 2003 international Meeting of the Three-hundred-years-old in Saint-Petersbourg or the First Beijing international Art Biennal. Moreover, he has been cited in different press articles ( Univers des Arts,1997, Pratique des Arts , numbers 28,1999 - 44,2002- 72,2007) and has often been rewarded for his work.

Serge sangan creates one-of-a-kind metal scultures, made of steel or stainless steel. He models them with an electric arc. For some pieces, brazed joints are made of brass. Others are inked under heat. His sculptures finishings are etheir brushed or polished, and they must be kept with beeswax.

Photo : Michel Plassart